Friday, February 26, 2021

Temporary Credit Card Processing Issues on the RACS Store Site [RESOLVED]

[14:34 EST] Just a quick FYI to everyone, the FDC merchant processing platform is having some problems this afternoon after they implemented the RappidConnect system in Nashville earlier today. So if you are getting a CC network authorization error during checkout, this is why. It's not a problem on our end or with you, it's a remote problem with merchant services (Visa/Mastercard), and has been developing since about 8:15am this morning.

If you run into this problem, and cannot get your order to go thru, just input your credit card info and select a not credit card card payment method, like money order, and the store will pass your order without obtaining an authorization. Then we will do it manually on our end once the system is back up.

I apologize for any trouble this causes anyone trying to place an order on our store. They are working on the problem and hope to have everything cleared up shortly.

-Bob (aka Robert)

 [15:42 EST] We have temporarily disabled automated authorizations on the store site, so you should be able to place an order on the RACS store site normally. We will reinstate authorizations at the time of order once FDC in Nashville is fully up and running again.

[18:58 EST] Issues looks the be resolved.

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