Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Temporary Processor Issues - RACS Store Site

Just a quick FYI to everyone, we're experiencing some payment gateway issues on the store currently. These issues are not on our end, but on our merchant processors end where orders are being allowed to authorize but then a false negative was being returned to the store which may not allow some orders to pass through to our secure server. Our processing bank is aware of the issue and is working on it.

This means there will be some folks who placed orders between around 7pm EST last night and this morning may not have gone through. 

If you placed an order last night or this morning and are not sure if it went through or not, please shoot us a message to and we'll let you know. Until the issue is fully resolved, we have disabled auth checks so that all new orders will be allowed to pass through the secure server without checking payment validity, which we will do manually once your order is placed.

I apologize for any trouble this causes anyone, and wanted to let everyone know that you can now continue to place orders as normal on the store without worry.

Thanks everyone!

-Bob (aka Robert)

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