Wednesday, September 03, 2014

RACS Online Store - Server Migration

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will be migrating the entire RACS store site to a new server on Thursday Sept 4th. We'll start working on this around 11am EST, and everything should be completed within a couple of hours. While the migration should be 'seamless' and 'transparent' (these are the systems engineers words, not mine), there will be a DNS propagation for the domain and depending on where you are this might make accessing the store site inaccessible thru our domain for a few minutes to several hours. If you have any trouble accessing the store site thru the regular URL tomorrow, try this direct link.

While I'm assured the migration will not result in any downtime for the store (hey, you know how these things go), if you are planning to place a new order this week do us a favor and try to get it placed before 10am EST on Thursday. That way we can make sure the warehouse folks have plenty to work on if the site experiences any downtime, and that you won't run into any issues trying to place your order Thursday afternoon.

I'll post back once the migration is finished, and while we don't anticipate any issues, I'd appreciate reports from anyone experiencing any anomalies with the store site once it's all done.

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE [1:15pm, Sep 4th]: Migration complete and should have been totally transparent to everyone on the front end. No down time. Looks like we hit it 100% - a testament to two months worth of planning. Yeah!! :-)

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