Thursday, February 13, 2014

Socked in...

Well folks we're getting socked in here in Winchester, VA by Winter storm Pax. Overnight about 10 inches of snow has fallen so far and we're due for another foot or so during the day today. I'm almost ready to call this the worst winter we've ever had here.

We're closing up the warehouse today and telling all our people to stay home, so there won't be any shipments going out but no freight would be running anyway - UPS, FedEx, and USPS all suspended pickups and deliveries today. We should be back up and running on Friday (fingers crossed), so please keep those orders coming - we'll get to them just as soon as we can get dug out!

UPDATE: My deck, about 7:00am (Thur) this morning. Still coming down hard.

UPDATE: About 4:00pm (Thur) - my front driveway after 2 1/2 hours and 2 tanks of gas in the blower. Now we can get to the road, but the roads aren't passable yet as they haven't been touched yet since last night. My blower has a 22" intake height, and it's hard to tell in the picture but in a lot of places the snow was just a little higher than the intake, so it was slow going. It's still snowing and they are calling for 3-4 more inches before it ends later tonight. And yes, I did clear off the snow on top my Suburban after I took this. I hate dudes that go down the road with a ton of snow blowing off the top of the car on the people behind them - that's just rude!

Oh by the way, I tried out a new pair of ICE TREKKERs on my boots, and they are the greatest thing since sliced bread! They add lots of grip on the ice and snow, and I didn't slip once even walking up my steep hill and they gave me lots of grip in places I had to push on the blower a little bit. You can see the tracks they leave in the picture.

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