Monday, September 30, 2013

Funimation to Replace Edited Sankarea Discs on Request

Ahhh, a little SNAFU to report this fine Monday morning...

Apparently all of the Sankarea: Undying Love DVD/BD sets were done from masters that contained the Japanese edited broadcast version instead of the uncensored home video release version. This applies to both the DVD and BD disks in both the Limited and Standard edition boxes.

Funimation will replace the disks for any customers who want the uncensored home video version - which I imagine will be around 100% of us:

In regard to the release of the Sankarea DVD and Blu-ray content, FUNimation had originally released this set with the materials provided to us. We will be receiving additional home video masters. Customers who wish to receive the unedited version may do so by emailing along with a copy of your original receipt, and a physical mailing address (no PO Boxes please). Once the replacement discs are authored we will begin to process your request. Thank You.

Please don't ask me how something like this can happen. I assume the masters they got from Japan were the edited versions and no one at Funi noticed during the mastering process for the English release. Truly a face/palm moment for them I think.Also, at this point it looks as if we are supposed to continue to ship the version we have, and that anyone who wants the other will have to request it. I'm on with them now for clarification on that.

I'm not sure how long it will take for them to start shipping replacements , but if you have bought a set go ahead and shoot them your info so they can get you new disks out once they are ready.

UPDATE: As of Oct 1st, Funimation has officially recalled all remaining retailer copies of the Sankarea: Undying Love DVD/BD sets. We have pulled the title and it will be unavailable for order until further notice. If you have already gotten a set, please use the email above to request replacement disks from Funimation directly.

UPDATE 2: OK, today (Oct 2nd) our rep at Funi sent me an e-mail telling us that Funi is NOT handling the replacements for Sankarea: Undying Love DVD/BD sets directly and that customers will need to go to the retailer they purchased the set from to obtain replacement disks. So, if you already have a set from RACS and want your disks replaced, PLEASE E-MAIL US directly. We do not know at this point when the new disks will be available, only that a fixed version of Sankarea will be rescheduled for release later this year.

And yes, I think them laying off the time, effort, and customer service overhead onto the retailers for doing the replacements is pretty crappy, even if they do reimburse us for the costs. ~sigh~

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