Monday, April 22, 2013

NIS Announces Hanasaku Iroha Blossoms for Tomorrow 2 Premium Set for July!

NIS has sent over the paperwork for the 2nd Hanasaku Iroha Blossoms for Tomorrow premium release, and we now have it up on the store site for pre-order:

Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow Collection #2 DVD/BD Combo Set (Premium Edition)

This premium collection includes a hardcover art book (full color, 36 pages) which provides a deeper viewing experience with in-depth staff interviews, character design insights, and rough sketches. It also includes clean opening and endings and Japanese trailers.

Release date is set for July 2nd.

Synopsis: Ohana's job at Kissuiso continues. Just when she grows accustomed to her daily tasks as a hot spring inn attendant, Kissuiso's financial stability is called into question. An opportunity to have a movie filmed at Kissuiso causes a big to-do, but will that be enough to revitalize interest in the inn and keep everyone's dreams alive?

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