Friday, August 03, 2012

Strike Witches 2 Scheduled / Bunny Drop Premium Sold Out

I've got two announcements to pass on to you this afternoon before we cut out of here for the weekend:

1) Funimation sent us a note letting us know that they are finally re-scheduling the Strike Witches 2 BD/DVD set. It's being added to the October schedule and is now setup to street Oct 2nd. At last! And yes, it will remain a DVD/BD combo set.

2) Just a heads up. NIS just sent over a note to let us know that the upcoming Bunny Drop Premium set is, after filling all retailer pre-orders, completely sold out at wholesale. We will be getting 100% of what we pre-ordered, but will not be able to get anymore after that in until September. This has been the most heavily pre-ordered title for us so far this year, and we currently have about 65% of our allocation already booked out to customers. The sets are on the way to us now and will arrive Monday or Tuesday, so if you haven't gotten one yet get your order in soon or you'll end up having to wait until September.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Ben said...

It should also be noted that NISA will be reissuing the limited-edition of AnoHana in October (as mentioned during their Otakon panel).

Robert said...

That's correct, the last pressing of the AnoHana Premium is shipping towards the end of October. I imagine there will be a short period of time between now and then when the existing sets will run out and not be available. We're down to our last 20 or so here.