Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NIS Changes Kimi ni Todoke to DVD/BD Combo Set, Delays Release to January

NIS sent over an update package this morning to let us know that they have decided (in a rather last minute decision) to change the upcoming premium edition release of Kimi Ni Todoke from a DVD set to a DVD/BD combo set. This is great news! We also have new box art - see below.

The bad news is that this means the release of this set is being pushed back from Oct 25th, 2011 to Jan 10th, 2012. The other bad news is that NIS is increasing the MSRP on the set from $59.98 to $69.98. This means we had to raise our pre-order price to $48.98, which leaves us in a bit of a pickle - the $10 increase puts our new cost slightly over the old street price we were selling it for.

I have e-mailed NIS to see if they would offer us price protection against the pre-orders we've already booked. This would allow us to honor the old $44.98 price for existing pre-orders that have already been placed. If they do not, we'll have to either get approval for the price increase from everyone who has already pre-ordered or cancel those orders. Once I hear back from NIS I'll post back here regarding what we are going to do.

PRE-ORDER UPDATE: The folks at NIS have been kind enough to put a deal together for us that will allow us to share the cost of the price increase and thus keep everyone's existing pre-order for Kimi Ni Todoke booked at the original price of $44.98. So all 'existing' pre-orders for this release will automatically be upgraded to the new DVD/BD combo set at no additional cost. Thanks Mitsu! :-) New pre-orders will be offered at the slightly higher price of $48.98 based on the new higher MSRP.


D2M said...

Oh, so does that mean anyone who pre-ordered the deluxe boxset gets the bluray too?! I'm completely and totally willing to wait if that's the case.

That price increase would be a total bummer. But at least for myself, I'd still want to buy it anyway. :)

Robert said...

That's means there will only be a DVD/BD combo set instead of just the DVD only set. We're working with them now to see if we can grandfather in the price for the existing pre-orders.