Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Customer Comment

A really nice e-mail from Kyle regarding our packaging:

Happy New Year!

Got my order in today, and when I saw the box, I feared the worst. Looks like it took it pretty bad from the USPS (I wont say the worst, because I have received just pieces of cardboard or paper labels from them in the past).

Thanks to the superb packing, the two NIS special sets were unscathed. I am a big fan of the post office, I think for what they accomplish with as little hiccups as occur is amazing, but it is nice to know when a package gets on their bad side there is some pretty effective protection!

Will be sending more of my business your way in 2011!

Kyle B.

Thanks Kyle! Much appreciated! :-)


SFF said...

Nice comment and you know I too like the Post Office.

Of course I'm boased as my father was a postman over 25 year ago.

They do take some hits.

Having said that, RACS always PACKS the items very well! RACS is one of the best businesses on the web.


MARl0 said...

Wow, a strange coincidence indeed. As the exact same thing just happened to me. I just received my latest order in the mail yesterday (FMA Brotherhood 3 and Tsubasa OVAs both on BluRay), and my shipping package also arrived significantly damaged (the post office even put a sticker on it saying "received possibly damaged". Luckily you guys packed it so well, that both sets arrived in mint condition, despite the shipping package being ripped half apart (literally).

Robert said...

We always see more of this around the holidays when postal staff is in too much of a hurry to worry about how they stack carts and load trucks. Same things happens with UPS and FedEx too. Packaging is important.