Thursday, October 21, 2010

Section 23 Announces January 2011 Releases

Section 23 has given us their January 2011 release schedule, and we now have it available on the store site for pre-order. Here's what's coming:

11 Eyes Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-12)
Ghost Sweeper Mikami TV Series Collection #2 (Eps #13-23)
Kampfer Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-12)
Koihime Muso Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-13)

All sexy Anime series that fall right into Section 23's niche. Note that there are no dubbed shows on the list, and Section 23 seems to have settled into a routine of about one release per week - of course, at 12 or 13 episodes of something per week, it's really quite a lot of content coming in small economical packages. After their experiment with dubs over the summer I think they have discovered that in the current environment it's really hard to recoup the cost to dub a show. They may dub more shows going forward, but I'm sure they will choose which titles very carefully.

11 Eyes
Raised in an orphanage after witnessing his sister's suicide, Satsuki Kakeru's life has already been dark and cruel enough. However, when he and his friend Yuka are thrown into a alternate dimension called the Red Night, it takes a gruesome turn from bad to horrific. Now, trapped flickering between our world and the Red, Kakeru quickly discovers that he and Yuka are not alone, and that, together with the other so-called "fragments," they must defeat the malevolent entities known as the Black Knights. Facing monsters from beyond imagination, at the center of a deadly hunt, Kakeru's only chance of saving their lives now hinges on finding the power buried within himself and unraveling the mystery of his own origins and family. If he can survive long enough to do it! The horrors of the Red Night are just the beginning of the nightmare as shocking truths are exhumed in 11 Eyes - The Complete Collection!

Waking up transformed into a beautiful girl might be the stuff of some guys' fantasies, but when the suddenly effeminatized Natsuru is informed by a stuffed tiger that he's now a Kämpfer, a mystical fighter who has to fight other Kämpfers in female form, his life becomes a living nightmare! Putting aside the obvious "plumbing" issues, Natusru's best childhood friend turns out to swing the other way and SHE has a crush on his new female body. Not complex enough? Natsuru's school has separate sections for boys and girls, so he and she are now double enrolled. The rumor-mill has it that he's dating herself. And there are other Kämpfers attending the school who want to take her out, and he's not sure which ones mean "on a date" and which ones mean "permanently." Oh, and did we mention that some Kämpfers use SWORDS and GUNS?! Hormones, fists and other body parts will fly as the daring, new gender-blender defender must become a contender or die in KÄMPFER! - The Complete Series!

Koihime Muso
Before Hua Mulan, before Wu Zetian, China bore another great hero, one whose true name was lost to history… until now. Swearing vengeance after bandits destroy her family and village, a girl named Aisha takes the name Kan'u and sets forth on a journey that will take her across the ruins of a great nation, living not as a woman "should," but by the strength of her own sword and the steel of her own will. And as she travels, her courage and example become a beacon to other kindred souls: women who dare to shatter the shackles of their own traditions and take up arms, to become a force for change. Now, as a new world begins to emerge from the embers of the old, the face of evil must confront its ultimate nemesis, a girl who has become the soul of a new people. An epic battle for the fate of a nation will be unleashed in the complete epic collection of Koihime†Mus?!


MARl0 said...

I understand why they're not dubbing shows, but I certainly don't have to like it. I'm pretty much a dub only person. Outside of a very very few exceptions (Gunbuster, Toradora, aaannnd....I think that's it actually), dubs are pretty much all I watch when it comes to anime. It's a shame, because I am more than willing to shell out the cash for dubbed anime, but I realize that the reality of the situation is that I am in the very tiny minority (and that's an understatement). Indeed, it's a frustrating market to be a dub fan.

Speaking of Section 23's dubs though, have you heard anything at all about when (or if) they actually plan on dubbing Clannad After Story? I remember you talking about how the dubbed first season set was selling very well at your store.

Robert said...

Everyone wants to know about After Story. It's probably the most asked non-order related question I get. But no, they haven't said if they will or not, I think they are waiting to see how things go. The Clannad dub sold well, but by the time the trade in program was taken into consideration I'm not sure it was profitable for them. We'll just have to wait and see. I suspect (like all things) that if the Clannad dub was a big money maker for them, we'd already have and After Story dub.