Monday, August 16, 2010

Funimation Delays More Titles

In what is becoming a pretty regular event from ALL the R1 studios this summer, we heard from Funimation today who gave us another grocery list of release delays, but most of these are only 1 week pushes so it's not too bad. Here's the changes:

Slayers Revolution DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-13) (BLURAY) - 9/14 to 9/21
Slayers Evolution-R DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-13) (BLURAY) - 9/14 to 9/21
Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU Complete DVD Set (Remastered) - 9/28 to 10/5
Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU Complete DVD Set (BLURAY) (Remastered) - 9/28 to 10/5
Eden of the East Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-11) - 9/28 to 10/19
Eden of the East Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-11) (BLURAY) - 9/28 to 10/19

Funi cited inventory delays for the changes. We've already made the date changes on the store site this afternoon. As always, if anyone has an order holding for one or more of the above items and wants to make a change, just drop us an e-mail.


MARl0 said...

A one week delay is hardly a drop in the bucket. At least they're not the kind of rampant delays that we get from Bandai and Media Blasters. And at least Funimation has the respect to announce these delays well in advance, instead of waiting until mere days before the current release dates to drop 1 or 2 month delays on their fans.

Starcade said...

Money problems at Funimation?

One has to think so...

Robert said...

Money problems at Funimation?

Not this time. At least, that's not the reason for the delays. Not at Funi anyway…

I will only say that demand has weakened so much since April that all the studios are recognizing that they need to further flatten out their release schedules because the remaining paying fans can only 'collectively' a small amount of new material every month. Only Section 23 is not feeling this because they are the only ones that have adjusted their business model to the absolutely lean and mean model required to stay alive in this environment. The sell through on video is currently really tough and summer is historically weak anyway. So everyone in the industry is waiting for the kids to go back to school and hopefully turn their attention back to enjoying more Anime, so it's better to take some stuff off the table for summer and move it into the fall where demand will (hopefully) be higher. The amount of 'new' title announcements coming out the summer cons was probably the lowest I've seen in 8 or 9 years, and those holes in the schedule have to be filled with something so they are forward shifting stuff into those holes - Hey, you got to keep up the cash flows or your outta business no matter what you do.

And things in Japan are no better than they are here. In Japan they have an exporting economy being killed by an extremely strong currency.

I don't know though, seems like a double dip in the US is baked into the cake now. You’ve got half the people buying stocks betting on some far off recovery and half the people buying bonds at almost 0% because they don’t think there is a future and the other half worrying about finding a job before their unemployment runs out. Good grief – that’s 150%! HEH.