Monday, February 08, 2010

Funimation Licenses Dragon Ball Z 'Kai'

Funimation's parent Navarre Corp announced last week during their shareholder conference call that Funi has licensed Dragon Ball Z Kai. Certainly no surprises there. DBZ Kai is not a new series and consists entirely of remastered material from the original DBZ series

Dragon Ball Z Kai is basically a hi-def, streamlined version of the DBZ series. Toei has been showing DBZ Kai episodes in Japan since last April. For DBZ Kai, Toei remastered the original DBZ footage in high definition, updated the opening and ending sequences, and re-recorded the vocal tracks using the original cast members. The footage was re-edited to conform more closely with the narrative flow of the DBZ manga. Some story arcs were completely eliminated and the 291 original episodes of DBZ have been reduced to around 100 eps for the Dragon Ball Z Kai version.

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