Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Funimation Lowers MSRP on Peach Girl (Viridian) Box

As of Oct 6th, 2009 Funimation has reduced the MSRP by 40% on the Peach Girl Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Item # FN-05207) from $49.98 to $29.98.

We have reduced our discounted price accordingly from $36.98 to $21.98, and have the sets in stock and ready to ship. :-)

Synopsis: Being the new girl at school is never easy - just ask Momo Adachi. With her golden hair and tan, toned body, you would think she'd have a pretty easy time of it. But when your "best friend" spends most of her day trying to show you up, going after anything you want, you can't be too careful... What will happen if Sae finds out about Momo's long-time crush on a boy named Toji? Will she have to have him as well? And when a lecherous playboy from Momo's past shows a new found interest in her, things get even more confusing.

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