Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bandai to Handle Exchanges Directly for Defective DVD's

In a further update to the problems with the last batch of DVD's from Bandai, they have informed us today that (as expected) they would like to handle the customer exchanges.

If you are a US or Canadian customer and are experiencing play problems with one of the following:

Eureka Seven, Vol #11 DVD
Flag, Vol #2 DVD
My-Otome, Vol #4 DVD
Gundam Seed Destiny, Vol #12 DVD
Gundam Seed Destiny, Vol #12 DVD Limited Edition

Please contact Bandai directly using their customer service form here for an exchange of the defective DVD(s).

If you had already setup a replacement ticket with us, Bandai requests that you still go ahead and contact them directly for the exchange.

If you are an international customer then please sit tight and we'll handle the replacement for you directly. We ask your patience in this matter as we are going to have to wait for a new batch of disks from Bandai and we will need to test them inhouse before doing any overseas exchanges. I imagine this will take a few weeks.

For the record, no, I'm not too happy with this. I know they will be slow in taking care of these exchanges. Also, Bandai wants us to continue to ship these DVD's to customers, and then handle any issues directly on a case by case basis. I would have preferred that the DVD's all get recalled and new (corrected) DVD's issued out to retailers, but that's not what they wanted to do and the powers that be have spoken.

Due to the high defect rate reported in GSD #12 we are going to continue to hold new shipments of the individual version until we are at least able to get a new (and hopefully corrected) batch of the discs from Bandai.

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DarkOrphen said...

From the sounds of it i think i'll toss out my dvd a hold on for a few months a just buy a new one