Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday - Network Problems...Backup and Running!

As of approx 11:24am (EST) today we have lost cart and checkout functionality, so customers have been unable to place orders on the store site for around 5 hours now. We are aware of this and we are doing everything possible to get the site back up. This problem has not effected orders already placed - they are in our system and being processed now.

Our store is hosted on Yahoo's e-Commerce platform, and the problem is not on our end, but with their secure servers and is effecting about 45,000 other stores on the web. The problem is so widespread CNBC has picked it up as headline news.

We're working with their engineering team to solve the problem and at least get a simple secure checkout process up and running so that you can continue to place orders on the store until the main problem is fixed.

I really apologize for this, I know today is the day that many of you start ordering your holiday gifts and we want to get those orders processed as soon as possible. If you have been to the store today and have been unable to place an order please rest assured that we'll get the store back up and running as quickly as possible.

9:48PM (UPDATE): Backup and running. There may be some intermittent slowness until load balance is fully restored, but checkout should run as normal. We've been testing for about 90 minutes now and everything seems to be good to go!

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Unknown said...

An interesting post there, my friend. A lot of the jargon and technical terms I am unfamiliar with...but thus is the nature of the beast! I look forward to further musings from the professional anime fan!