Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Slippery When Frozen - Happy Valentines Day!

Our fulfillment warehouse will be closed on Tuesday Feb 13th and Wednesday Feb 14th due to the huge snow and ice storm that has passed through our area. Because of the heavy icing I do not want our employees taking the risk of trying to come in to work until the roads are clear.

We will resume processing and shipping orders on Thursday Feb 15th, and we will work around the clock until we are caught up. The storm we experienced is worse in many areas of the north eastern part of the country, so please expect delivery delays to areas effected by the storm.

I took these photos today around our development. As you can see by the ones below, the only thing the ice doesn't bother are the geese over at the lake. :-)

Thank you for your patience and understanding - we'll be sure to setup the next warehouse in Tampa FL.... -_^

[UPDATE 2/15]: We're back in this morning. We had to chip away through about 6 inches of solid ice to get the rear bay doors of the warehouse open - of course they open out! The bottled water company left our Tuesday delivery outside the back door. Not only were the 5 gallon bottles frozen solid, but they were encased in ice and frozen to the pavement. We had to chip those free as well and bring them in to thaw. I wish I had my camera with me for that one!

As of 9:30am we have a full crew working furiously to get the order backlog caught up. We should be pretty much all caught up by tomorrow afternoon.

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