Friday, January 19, 2007

Updates - January 19th, 2007

It's cold out here at Anime Corner World headquarters, but so far this winter we've managed to dodge the bullet of those ice and snow storms that have been hammering the western part of the country. It's good weather out here to curl up on the couch and enjoy a few new Anime episodes, and hopefully all those folks that will be ice'd in this weekend already have a few DVD's on top their entertainment center (and electricity) to view and enjoy! I know we will be!

Lots of stuff going down this week, so I'll get right to business. First, on the home front, Ron (our ops manager) got through his surgery just fine, and he'll be back with us in a few weeks. In Anime news this week are a couple of delays. First, Geneon pushed the release of Paradise Kiss 3 DVD back a week to Feb 27th, and Stuf needed to bump the first DVD of To Heart back a month from Feb 27th to March 27th as they need more time to get the quality of the transfer right. They also gave us the good news that the Season 2 Super Gals boxes are finally on the way to us, and in fact, they have arrived on our dock a few minutes ago and will start shipping today!

We've being doing inventory, and as a result, I've got some great deals on overstocks that we'd like to move out the door. We've added these items to the store specials page, but I've also provided a short list below of the ones that I think are the best deals - most are priced between 40% and 60% off retail (this week only though), so take advantage of our excess inventory to grab some of these fan favorite titles while they are on the cheap!

Like many of you, we prefer to ship your orders through the postal service. Priority Mail is one of fastest and most cost effective delivery methods (as opposed to media mail, which is not), and we are right next to one of the big regional postal sorting facilities (SCF) here in the mid-Atlantic area, so we can deliver your orders incredibly fast no matter where you are for a great price. Direct Creative (an online marketing firm) likes the postal service too, and recently did some fun shipping tests to see how far they could push the envelope by shipping non-machinable items ranging from frying pans to wheels of cheese. The things they tried to ship are hilarious, and the results are fascinating!

A lot of you have been writing in to ask about when Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya might be released, and in the spirit of that ANN recently did a poll to find out what series fans are waiting for most out of six recent license announcements. As of this morning, the results looked like this:
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Bandai Entertainment) - 38.2%
Death Note (Viz Media) - 34.0%
Ah! My Goddess - Second season (ADV Films) - 7.6%
Rozen Maiden (Geneon Entertainment) - 5.1%
009-1 (ADV Films) - 1.5%
Ayakashi ~ Samurai Horror Tales (Geneon Entertainment) - 1.3%
None of these excite me - 12.2%

That's pretty definitive...

Otaku Blogger Steven Den Beste recently picked up the Battle Athletes OVA and liked it. That made me feel pretty good since I was one of the people that recommended it, and it would have been my ass if he hadn't. Phew! My career in Anime can continue a while longer... :-) He has quite a few interesting comments on it over at Chizumatic. Since then, there has been some discussion as to if the TV series is better than the OVA, and most people seem to agree that the TV series is better. For the record, I favored the OVA, but I like both versions very much. I saw the OVA first, and thought the length was perfect for the story they were trying to tell. The Battle Athletes TV series (Victory) is also very good, and the viewer benefits by being able to get much more back story on the events and some extra character development. I just felt that (like many Anime TV series) 26 eps was probably a little too long for this story, and some of the plot lines got a little tired before the end. They also had time to develop more characters, and I felt that the length of the OVA kept the plot focus tight on Akari and Kris, my two favorites. A little trivia - this is a pretty old release, but it sold great during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

As many of you know, Funimation never finished the original uncut re-release of the DBZ Vegeta Saga last summer, and I know a lot of you guys were pretty upset about it. Now that the new boxed set is coming up, I've worked out a deal with Funimation to help makeup for the long wait. Not only are the episodes contained in the new boxed set uncut and brilliantly remastered in high def, but we're offering it to you during the pre-order period for a full 40% off the retail price! That's like getting all 39 eps of Vegeta for the price of one DVD! Get your order in today though, because we only have a limited number of boxes on order for the special price, and once they've been allocated this special price will be gone!

We have lots of new items for you this week, including several very early DVD arrivals like Trinity Blood 4, Air Gear, Pani Poni 2, Black Cat 2, along with new manga from Netcomics, ADV, and Dark Horse. We received another excellent batch of new figures including the girls from Eureka 7, a new version of Ingis from Orchid Seed, and the gorgeous Kotona Elegance from Zoids who probably could not be wearing any less otherwise she'd be completely nude! We also received the Elwing figure from Shining Tears that has been a long time coming and that everyone has been waiting for. Finally, we've added some of the latest pocky flavors and snacks to come out of Japan, including the delicious dessert called Yokan that is made from bean paste and has been mistaken during airport security checks for blocks of plastic explosive.

No, I'm not kidding about that! :-)

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